Repeat Scheduled recordings not happening

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Repeat Scheduled recordings not happening

Post by mitty » Wed Apr 25, 2012 18:58

I'm having a problem with recordings not happening. These are regular recordings, like ABC news and the 7.30 report. They've been setup in ICE TV for ages and I just always record them. But in the last week they just aren't being scheduled. Yet, other things, like "The Block" and "Offspring" (which only just came back) are recording fine.

Anyone got any ideas what might be wrong? The odd thing is that they do still seem to record sporadically. So last night the 7.30 report record, but the news didn't. Tonight, neither of them recorded.

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Post by Gully » Wed Apr 25, 2012 19:21

What does it show on the IceTV website for your shows?

What does the IceTV screen in setup show?

We are going to need a lot more info before anyone can post a meaningful response.
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